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    Married for 7 years this Sept. 3rd. (Happy Anniversary to me!) One child that is 16 (girl) *yikes* - do you remember when you were 16? I do; and I am soooo soooo soooo very glad that my daughter is a Christian. (I wasn't at 16). Husband is a devote Christian and a wonderful husband. Like every marriage we've had our ups and downs; but with God's help; we are now a 'family' once again.

    You'll see a page that I have dedicated to each of them and just how important that they are to me.

    I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I do not; and I repeat do not believe in any other "GOD" than the one that sent his son to die for us. Jesus Christ. It actually repulses me to see others that believe in Wiccan, Pagan, Earth, New Age, etc. religions (that's what they call it). I do not condemn these people; I just feel that they are not aware of the power that GOD has and the love that he gives to each and every one of us. And God also gives us the power to choose. Yes, the choice/decisions we choose to make. Some make those through God with prayer; and some choose some other sort of way. I can only pray that if just one of these non-believers in Jesus Christ reads this and wants to know more about GOD; that he gives me the words to say at that time.

    I love to talk about GOD. It just seems to make me so very happy. The power of prayer is another favorite of mine. I KNOW without a doubt that GOD has answered my prayers as well as others. It does seem to make a difference first hand when you actually KNOW that God does indeed answer prayers. And that he does. Everyday. Every second.

    As I sit and write this....sometimes I think maybe I run my mouth too much. But...nahhhh...this page is about moi; so there's the story. In a nut shell - Happily married to a wonderful man; have a wonderful daughter and we have GOD in our lives. Sure times get tough; but aren't they supposed to? I feel that everything happens for a reason and if you just stop and think about really makes us stronger with the Lord. It somehow strengthens our 'faith'.

    I pray each day that my faith be renewed; restored in Jesus Christ; our Savior. I want to walk in the path of Christ each and EVERY day for the rest of my life here. I want to tell others about Christ and the awesome things he has done for me and my family. (as well as others that have some awesome testimonies)

    Enough about me....oh more thing...GOD bless you and yours everyday!


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