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About Cindie...r u really ready for this?

Diagnosed as manic depressive almost 4 years ago now. I take Zoloft, Lithium, and Valium. I pray for God to give me the strength to not have to take all of these meds. That would be a blessing. But until that day; I take my meds faithfully as Dr. prescribes. I tried to NOT take them. ha! Oh now I'm not one of those that has suicidal thoughts or anything like that; but I was soooooo oh soooooo moody it was unreal.[more on this subject on my testimony page] My daughter even told me to please go back and see the Dr. (I did) My doctor told me that it really was normal for me to try to STOP the meds, most people didn't want to have to take medications.... but he told me that couldn't just stop cold turkey. I had to be weaned and I had to be able to function without them. I have what they call a 'chemical imbalance' in the brain. Sounds really scary to me. But God is with me and that's all I need to make it from day to day. God WILL give me the strength to get off of these meds and I'll be just dandy.

Personal Feelings about GOD

I don't believe but in ONE GOD. Our Father who art in heaven...*that's the one and only* - I'm not one of these that believe of some 'other' higher being. I know for a fact that Jesus Christ is MY personal saviour and that's enough for me. I hear lots of talk about wiccan; earth religion; newage...there's only one problem; I have NO conception of believing in any 'other' GOD other than the one that watches over my daughter every day. The Alimighty Father that watches over my husband and our marriage. The one that guides me in my decisions/choices every day. The one that watches over and loves each and every one of you that are reading this. (even those that aren't) The one that sent HIS ONLY SON to die for OUR sins. The one that will never leave nor forsake me nor you.

All you have to do is believe (have FAITH) and your heading in the right direction. Just keep going. Don't look back; your life WILL change. You will feel as though your a 'new' person and in an essence I suppose you are (when you accept Jesus Christ into your heart). And you know? That's a promise. You see; I know first hand just how great it feels to know that I have my name in THE BOOK of LIFE up above in Heaven. (please do not take this as my being boastful) I am totally humble to God; he is the King of Kings; Lord of Lords; he is MY all! I have been where you are today.


God gives us a choice. Yes; did you know that? He is here now; he's everywhere. Choose God please! I beg of you to stop right now and pray! If you need for me to pray 'with' you; i'd be more than glad. Just email ME here please. Don't hesitate; mail me now. I check my mail very regular (most of the time anyway.) I just want you know that God loves you and he wants you to accept him in your heart right now. Right this very minute. And if it is 'your' choice to do so; please pray!

I will Pray with You!


I often wonder just WHY and HOW can anyone believe in anything else. This is something that I continue to pray for; those people that do not know God. The ones that have not felt his presence. It's such a joy to be able to say, "God loves you" and know in my heart that it's true. You see...God loves everyone; even though they may worship something other than him; he still loves them and awaits for them to come to him. God loves you more than we shall ever know. Anyone that is reading this and would like to know more about God; please write me; Cindie.

On the Testimony page is where you can read about some of my 'first hand' dealings with God. *smile* We have a Mighty, Mighty God we do.