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 Thank You God 2

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I had such a wonderful response to THANK YOU GOD that I started Page 2. Thank you all.

Thank you God for just loving me today.

Thank you God for every person you send my way.

Thank you God for the trials and tribulations that we endure and overcome with your love.

Thank you God for every single living creature.

Thank you God for every single living person in this world.

Thank you God for allowing us to be saved.

Thank you God for giving us Courage.

Thank you God for giving us Faith.

Thank you God for your holy words; the Bible.

From Tarrina:

Thank you Lord for using us preach your word and to be able ( through your spirit) to set the captives free to praise your name.

From Billy Benson:

Thank you God, for always forgiving us when we sin and fail to please you!

From Crystle:

Thank you God for grace.
Thank you God for certainty in you.
Thank you God for fellowship.

From Joy:

Thank you God for giving your Son to die on the cross for me so that I might have eternal life.

~Jesus Loves You And So Do I~

From the Gary, Sharon and Matthew

Thank you God for loving us

From Sim:

Thank you God...for your gift of life

From Marci:

Thank God for beautiful sunsets and someone to watch them with.