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tidbul1e.gif (155 bytes) this page will just be a page that I just blab and blab about different things. Nothing really specific. Just kinda like a doodle page.

1st -  I have a message board for someone who wants to 'shout out' so to speak. If you have something that has really been buggin' you and you just have to tell someone; then feel free to post to it. It's better to 'get things out' rather than to store them and let them eat away at you. Remember one thing: ALL things are possible with God. I've not had many visitors to this message board; mainly because I actually forgot I even had it. Make use of it.

Visit my message board: True Confession Time It Is...

2nd - I've found the neatest program at Office Depot called LogoMaker. I'll give you a sample below on what it does. This took me about 5 seconds to do. IF you would like a logo made; just email me and I'll be glad to help. Note: if the background is black or white it even takes less time.

wpe15.jpg (3974 bytes)

3rd - If you've came here and have not seen the Christian Women Of The Web Foundation site then your missing something so totally special. This website is guided by God. The team leaders and webmasters are also guided by God. This is a 'must see' site. *note* Had to PLUG our website girls. :-)