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I sit and wonder about how I should really start this. I wonder if it would be more beneficial to start when I KNEW that I was saved or when I KNEW that God answered prayers. Well..after plundering this for a bit and a quick prayer; I think I shall share with you the joy of learning that Jesus Christ was indeed "MY" Saviour.

We are now a Christian Family; Praise GOD!

At the age of 23 I had a child, born out of wedlock, but wanted dearly. I was one of those that could provide for myself and a child. Knowing full well that the father of this beautiful baby girl was soon to get a divorce and marry me. HA! Boy, was I in for a ride. Well, needless to say, my child's father is STILL married to the same women and my daughter is now 16. (link for teens) Actually, we all get along when we see each other, but it has been 2 years since Ashley (my daughter) has seen her dad. Not her fault, 'tis his. She has a wonderful step-dad though. She's had him for almost 6 years now. Well, it will be 6 years in Sept. 99. I am not going to elaborate on the issues that we as a family have had to deal with, but by being a Christian Family...God guides us now. Praise his name! THANK YOU GOD!

Backing up just a few years; (*s* actually quite a few years - but I thought this was 'very' important) when my daughter was between 6-7 (she's now 16). It was one year of pure "HELL". You see; I was a single mother. I drank; got drunk; smoked crack. Also became addicted to crack cocaine. (shaking head) I look back and think of all the precious moments I took away from my life as well as my daughter's. I was addicted for a year. Some of my friends are still addicted. I pray for them. 'Tis all I can do. You see; I asked God to give me a sign....anything to get me off of this crack! I was going literally nuts. God answered my prayers the VERY NEXT DAY - I know this is going to sound sick to some of you; but what happened is that I went to the crack house (where you bought it) and got my usual. ($20.00) to start off with; and picked up Ashley from daycare and got her a pizza; put the TV on something she wanted to watch and off to the bedroom I flew. Couldn't wait to get that 'hit'. It sickened my stomach! I wanted 'no part' of this life anymore. PRAISE GOD! this was my sign; I knew it and I headed. I rambled about the house with a brown paper bag and gathered up all of my little paraphernalia and took that bag and tossed it as far as I could in the woods. I thank God for saving my life. Nope; not went back to that and to be honest; I know that is the devil - nothing more that satan latching on; but with GOD's help and my faith; I SURVIVED! I used to be really bad on the fact that I took away a year from Ashley. That tore at my heartstrings and occasionally still does. She's 16 now and has grown into a beautiful young lady; she has. I thank God for her every single day. She's been my strength along some bumpy paths. (hugs to you my Ash) I love you!

So, I have filled you in to the point of my marriage. Yes, married 1993 to Robert (Bob). My Champion, my hero, a godly man. Well, I was NOT yet a Christian and neither was my child. (well, my daughter was saved at the age of 12, but I think only because her friends did this) Bob was a Christian though. We attended Ashley's church which was Harrisburg Baptist Church in Tupelo, MS. Well, needless to say, Bob was a man that like to clap, shout, and this was just 'not heard of' in this small Baptist Church. So..Bob quit going..and so did I. I look back now and realize that that was a 'large' mistake. (that in itself is a book) but now as of October 27th 1999 we are a Christian Family and he is the man I married.   (updated Oct. 27th - 1999)

Knock Knock on door did it!

Well, Ashley and I were sitting at home one Sun afternoon and a knock comes to the door. It was one of the pastors from the church. Well, just so happens he caught ME at one of my weakest moments. I had been sitting there crying because me and Ash were having an awful argument about something. I don't recall now. But the 2 men came in and Ashley knew them, but to be honest I knew they were from the church but I don't remember ever seeing them. I gladly welcomed them in my home though. And to this day, I don't think they know what a GODSEND they were to me and Ash. I know that as I prayed the prayer for salvation that afternoon along with my daughter that we were both saved. Jesus Christ was now our personal savior. Wahooo..boy was I a happy camper then. I couldn't stop crying..but these tears were tears of joy. I felt like a 50lb weight had been lifted off of my shoulders for some reason. And now I know that that was God telling me that everything was going to be just fine.

Changes - Moved to Florida

Moving to Florida a decision that Ashley did NOT like at all. I mean at the age of 13 and moving to a new STATE, SCHOOL, HOME, TOWN, etc..was just a disaster for her. (she loves it here now and has no desire to move back) Well without going into too much detail SATAN provoked our family and the outcome was that Bob and I separated for 15 months. During that time, my Faith grew each time I stepped into our "new" church. Countryside Christian Center in Clearwater, Florida. This church is so full of the spirit, you walk in and can actually FEEL the presence of God. I've never ever felt that way before upon entering a Church. Maybe it's just because I needed that closeness back in my life with GOD. I felt it had left me for a brief moment. God never left me. God has seen that we are again united as 'family'. THANK YOU GOD.


Well, our family is once a family again. Bob is now a usher in church. Ashley is listening to more Contemporary Christian music rather than RAP crap (as I call it). I'm a stay home wife and mom. I work from the computer when the call arises. I thank God each and every day for making my family into a more Christian Family. As Christians we must have faith, and in closing I must say I believe that my Faith grows every day stronger than the day before. Updated Oct. 27th 1999. Well I am full-time working now with the office in my home. My husbands office has downsized to a much smaller office now. A move that we really needed to make though. Financially we are struggling; and satan seems to be constantly throwing stones in our way. TOUGH! With GOD anything is possible and with our FAITH in GOD; the Almighty; we shall be just dandy. *smile*

From now on...

I've put my life in God's hands. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and LIFE IS GOOD!  The webring that has been formed called CWOW is going great. We are getting new members almost on a daily basis. I've learned to 'stop' and think before I speak. I've prayed of that many times. I used to (due to part of the manic I think) scream or shout out whatever I had a mind too. Now, I stop..listen...think...then speak. More about the manic thing here. Manics have a tendency to 'change subjects frequently' which as I look back what I've written that appears to be totally TRUE! Sorry; it seems as though my mind starts racing and I want to share so much here in the little time that you stay. (see; here I go again; rambling) *S* Updated Oct. 27th 1999 - We're going through a tough time right now; but as I've said before; all will be fine; because GOD is on our side.


Only a few of those in my life right now. Top of the list is to get more of GOD. To get as much as I can of our savior, Jesus Christ. Next, for my family to stay as close to God as possible. The goal for the internet for me is to help those that do not know about God or have chosen a different path. I would love to open every single site on the internet and find a 'Christian symbol' there. That is one goal that I'll always pass on to someone...then that person can pass onto someone else etc. you get the idea.


Lastly, I want to say that if you've come this far then I obviously haven't bored you to tears yet. But I would like for you to pray for me and my family. Every day is a struggle for us, due to things that happened in the past. I pray for my family to live in the righteous path, the one that Jesus Christ as chosen for us. Thank you and God Bless!